Seamist Rose

Sea Mist Rose is a freehand painted rose repeat. Each rose is made up of multiple shades to creating depth and contrast. The laces are fatty b boy style white.  Shown on Adidas Superstars Artwork may be subbed… Read More

Coraled Reefer

 Coraled Reefer is a tri color gradient background topped with a rose and flower micro print style painting. Gold leafing is chunked in throughout to add the pop and matches the Adidas Super Star logo. The laces are fatty… Read More

Daisy Breakout

The Daisy Breakout is a black n white pop style traditional hand painted layout with bold amber/yellow centers. The laces are fatty b boy style jet black, navy blue or white. Shown on Adidas Superstars Artwork may be… Read More

Super Subway

The Super Subway features a custom name of your choice, graffitied up on a shoe of your choice, provided it fits the proper criteria. The shoe will need to be all leather no fabric, can be specified… Read More

Butterfly Fade

Butterfly Fade is an airbrushed / hadn’t painted mix with gold leafing throughout. Each butterfly image is a two color fade sprayed on by airbrush, then detailed by hand. The laces are a custom pink.  Shown on kid… Read More

Flavor Dip

The Flavor Dip features a custom stylized elephant pattern with stylized wooden upper toe and side panels and a fade from dark to light orange swish. The laces are gold leather with gold tips Shown on… Read More

Cream N Roses

The Cream N Roses is a new mix on a classic rose pattern, entangling turquoise and red floral pattern mixed in with elements of rose gold leafing to ad a small amount of shimmer. The laces are… Read More


The Stressed features a custom mixed blue berry color base with multi color floral micro prints custom gold lettering, logo and white leather laces with gold tips. Shown on Adidas Superstars’ Artwork may be subbed out on… Read More


The Valentine is based from a factory pink Adidas Continental. The floral print can be applied to a number of different shoes and styles. The rose pattern is made up of multiple colors and layers. The inner… Read More