Coraled Reefer

 Coraled Reefer is a tri color gradient background topped with a rose and flower micro print style painting. Gold leafing is chunked in throughout to add the pop and matches the Adidas Super Star logo.
The laces are fatty b boy style jet black, navy blue or white.
Shown on Adidas Superstars
Artwork may be subbed out on a requested style of shoe other than the style shown.
Price – $400.00
shoes included in order (upon availability)
Please allow up to 4 weeks to complete and ship out.

FREE shipping with in U.S. ONLY
ALL orders are final.
Each order is a custom one-off traditional hand drawn/painted creation, no cancellations, refunds, or returns are accepted for any reason once the order is placed. The shoes are wearable however should be treated as artwork.
Make sure you know your size! Shoe size are not all the same.
Payment though Paypal or Vinmo.

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